The Top 3 Benefits of Growing Plants in a Root Farm Hydro Garden System

By Shelley Pierce | December 29, 2017
Image by Shelley Pierce
by Shelley Pierce
December 29, 2017

Begin your hydroponic gardening journey with the Seed Starting Kit and all-purpose LED grow light from Root Farm.

Every year, I go through what every northern gardener dreads the most – the advent of cold weather – which means bidding adieu to the great privilege of growing plants until the following spring. This is an interminably long time to be kept from enjoying my gardening hobby and passion, and I spend the entire winter cursing at the white stuff falling outside my window. Fortunately for me, the times they are a-changin’ and there is now a hydroponic growing movement which has enabled gardeners like me to grow plants indoors 365 days a year irrespective of the weather outside. In a hydroponic growing system, plants are grown soilless, above the ground, using a liquid nutrient solution. There are a number of different hydroponic growing systems on the market, including the Root Farm Hydro Garden System, which I recently received from Root Farm to review. Read on to learn more about why you should ‘Go Hydro’ with Root Farm.

Grow Year Round 365 Days A Year

Great for growing one large plant or up to four smaller plants.

I have already mentioned this, but this is such an important point it is worthy of a repeat mention. With the Root Farm Hydro Garden System, you can grow year round in your home. Imagine being able to pick fresh tomatoes off the vine in the middle of the winter. That’s a nice visual, isn’t it? You can now make that a reality.

Designed for Beginners

The Root Farm™ Hydro Garden system uses a pump to continually recirculate the nutrient solution to plants in their growing reservoir.

Being completely new to hydroponic gardening, I admit I was overwhelmed at the whole concept and how to do it. However, the folks at Root Farm have really made it easy to get started and offer all of the components to make your hydro garden system complete. The first step is to start seeds or cuttings. The Root Farm all-purpose LED grow light and seed starting kit are ideal for this part of the process.  The Hydro Garden System unit has the capacity to grow 1 to 4 plants at a time, depending on the mature size of the plants you are looking to grow.  Since I was angling to grow smaller sized plants, such as lettuce, I knew the system could accommodate 4 plants so I seeded 4 plugs (plus a few more – just in case) in the seed starting kit. Once the seedlings emerged and the roots appeared outside of the plugs, it was time to transplant them into the Root Farm Hydro Garden System. You simply fill the Root Farm Hydro Garden System with 6 gallons of water, insert the plugs, with the roots exposed, into the desired number of planting baskets (in my case it was 4), plug in the system, set it to circulate, then add in the appropriate amount of nutrient solutions. I then repurposed the Root Farm all-purpose LED grow light from the seed starting kit into a hanging fixture above the system. That is pretty much all there was to it, outside of a little bit of maintenance such as checking the pH and topping off the nutrient solution.

Faster Growth and Higher Yields

Faster growth, fuller plants and higher yields than traditional gardening!

Hydroponic gardening has the reputation of having faster growth, fuller plants and higher yields than traditional gardening. The Root Farm Hydro Garden System did live up to these expectations. I have grown lettuce outdoors many times and, based on my observations, I can attest that my lettuce grew more quickly than its outdoor in-the-ground counterparts.

The benefits of gardening with a Root Farm Hydro Garden System are many!  Beginner and expert gardeners alike can enjoy growing indoors year-round with great results!  But let’s not forget the most important benefit of all – it’s FUN!

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