Tips For Creating a Flower Garden

By Joanna Stovic | August 9, 2017
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by Joanna Stovic
August 9, 2017

You don’t have to be an expert horticulturist to appreciate the beauty of an amazing flower garden. All of us dream of having a lush garden full of colorful flower blooms all year round. Creating a beautiful flower garden can be done with a small budget if you’re willing to invest some time and be creative.

With thousands of flower plants to choose from and even more ways to combine them, you’ll have to learn the stages of building a flower garden from the ground up. Start with these tips.

Starting Your Flower Garden

Flower gardens should always start with the soil, and this is where most people go wrong. The soil is what makes flowers healthy so be patient during the preparation process. Choose the right location for growing your flowers. Most flowers will thrive under partial or full sun.

You don’t want your garden to be in a place that impedes other activities in your front or backyard. If this is your first garden, consider starting small. A larger garden can be overwhelming. If space is an issue, you can start with a container garden.

Gardening should be fun, especially if you’re doing it the first time. According to My Seed Needs, an online store that specializes in Flowers – Seed Needs, there’s always room for new ideas and improvements. So give yourself time to learn as you progress ahead.

Annuals – The Blooming Stars

Many of the beautiful flowers you see in gardens are annuals, meaning that they last for one season only and have to be planted every year. They include impatiens, petunias, cosmos, pansies and marigolds. Annuals are a favorite for many due to their vibrant and brilliant colors.

Some annuals are self-sowing, meaning that they seed themselves and produce plants year after year. There are biennial flowers like black-eyed Susans and foxglove that have two growing seasons in the life cycle after which they seed out and start the process again.

Perennials – A Reliable Favorite

Perennial flowers and plants make a garden look better and better with time and age. The process of choosing and growing these plants is what makes them one of the most enjoyable for gardeners. According to gardening professionals, it’s best to consult local gardeners to determine the perennials that will perform best in your area.

These plants come back year after year, but some will last only a few years. They include rudbeckia, butterfly weed, yarrow, gaillardia and coreopsis. It’s advisable to go for perennials that are hardy in your region with long bloom seasons.

Lean towards those described as low maintenance, easy to grow and long-lived. While perennials will come back each year, they need care including dividing them and cutting them back after the growing season. With good care, perennials can a be a mainstay in your garden.


Most gardeners will agree that growing roses is not easy. When starting out, you’re not competing for the best rose garden. Most roses will thrive in a garden, but you need to pick the right variety for your area and give them enough sunshine to grow.

It’s best to plant rose flowers for your garden in the spring and summer, as they should be getting a good five to six hours of sunlight a day. Roses are a great option for any garden but need to be well-watered and soaked to the root twice a day.

Bulbs for Beautiful Blooms

A flower garden is not complete without flowering bulbs that bloom in spring. Try out Daffodils and Tulips. Bulbs need proper planning but will pay you back with years of beautiful blooms. There are bulbs for every garden and season.

The Bottom Line

Include flowering trees, vines and shrubs to add textured foliage and color to your garden. There’s a lot that goes into creating an amazing garden. Starting is always the biggest challenge. These simple steps may just be the beginning, but there’s a lot more to learn ahead.

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