Tips For Ridding Your Garden Of Mosquitoes

By John Michelson | May 1, 2018
Image by Katzenspielzeug
by John Michelson
May 1, 2018

There is nothing more fun and rewarding than spending several hours during the summer working in your garden. Not only will you feel completely rewarded after a hard day of work, but you will also get to reap the results of your hard work in just a few short months. Unfortunately, mosquitoes also love your beautiful plants, which can really take all the fun out of being in the garden. Not only are they going to ruin your day of fun, but also they are going to make you all itchy and aggravated during the process. And, this is not to even mention all the potential diseases that they are carrying around. So, how can you ensure that your garden remains mosquito free?

Eliminate Water Containers

Do you have buckets of rainwater sitting in your garden that you like to use to water your plants? Perhaps, you have a birdbath that is filled with water. Whatever the situation is, you need to understand that standing water is without a doubt the number one attractor for mosquitos. This is due to the fact that mosquitos like to lay their eggs on the surface of rainwater. In fact, just a quarter of an inch of water could be enough to create a legion of troublesome mosquitos. Eliminate all the standing water and you will be eliminating the breeding grounds for this troublesome pest.

Insecticides And Traps

You might not like the thought of killing off mosquitos, but unfortunately harsh times call for harsh measures. Mosquito traps and insecticides can be two extremely valuable tools when it comes to battling mosquitos. Bug bombs or foggers can create an invisible cloud that kills mosquitos when they come into contact with it. Along with this, these devices usually last for an hour or more, so they can be extremely useful when you are outside in the garden.

You can also take advantage of misting systems, as they dispense and odorless insecticide that is nefarious to all insects. Traps are also useful tools, as they take advantage of how mosquitos hunt for food. For instance, mosquitos use their antennae to detect the carbon dioxide that is emitted by the human body. Once they have detected the carbon dioxide, they use their eyes to detect movement and then they pounce. Well, these traps can emit carbon dioxide and even mimic the movements of humans to lure the insects in.

Take Advantage Of Bug Light And Repelling Lanterns

Bug light and repelling lanterns are not only effective when it comes to battling mosquitos, but they make a great addition to any garden. Along with this, most lanterns are portable, cordless, and butane powered. These devices are specifically designed to emit a mosquito repellant into the air to detour mosquitos.

Utilizing Fans

Since it is summertime, there is probably a good chance that you have already pulled out several fans from the garage or attic. Well, you might be surprised to learn that fans can go a long way when it comes to ridding your garden of mosquitos. Mosquitos do not like the breeze that a fan emits, plus it will make it extremely hard for them to circle around and land on you.

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