Top 100 Gifts For Gardeners: #1-20

By Shelley Pierce | November 20, 2018
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by Shelley Pierce
November 20, 2018

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Making your own maple syrup is much easier than you think — if you can use a drill, a hammer, and know how to boil water, you can make maple syrup. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how! Just add maple trees to this complete kit and you can make three gallons of syrup in one season (which usually starts in February and March). Sugarmaking is a fun, back-to-nature family activity that gets everyone outdoors. Kit includes: five food-grade tubes with five heavy-duty 5/16″ taps (aka spiles); quick start instruction sheet; two 1-quart filters; and deck of recipe cards.


Patented gear technology multiplies leverage to give you up to 3X more power on every cut. Provides more cutting power than standard tools at the toughest part of the cut. Fully hardened steel blade stays sharp, even through heavy use. Low-friction coating helps the blade glide through wood, prevents the blade from gumming up with sap and debris, and helps the blade resist rust. Contoured, rolling handle fits the shape and natural motion of your hand for comfortable use and reduced hand fatigue.  Softgrip® touchpoints enhance comfort and control. Lifetime warranty.


This is the perfect way to save money and acquire a safe, secure food supply. Most of the seeds in this package will store 4-10 years if kept cool and dry. What a great way to try many of our favorite, easy-to-grow varieties! It contains 25 full-sized packets of seeds and a Clyde’s Garden Planner””all packaged in a sturdy, resealable, mylar bag for long lasting storage. Varieties in this package are chosen to be productive in most climates throughout the United States. We selected early, hardy varieties that are always popular. This collection may include: Greens, Onion, Peppers, Kohlrabi, Herb, Eggplant, Flower, Cucumber, Rutabaga, Summer Squash, Winter Squash, Spinach, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Turnip, Watermelon, Radish, Peas, Beans, Melon, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Beet, Carrot and Corn. Additionally this seed collection has a five star rating by customers on our website. It is an excellent starter garden collection!

HERB GARDEN LABELS (from $25.00)

These cute plant markers have a stake with a loop at the top along with a slate nameplate. Personalize the labels using a paint pen (not included) and slide the nameplate onto the wire from the bottom. What a nice way to label an herb or kitchen garden!


The ultimate birding gift entices feathered friends with timeless beauty, offers stunning curb appeal too! Large gazebo bird feeder is guaranteed for life, durable Vinyl/PVC will never rot, crack, warp or peel. Decorative brackets included, in traditional copper or stunning aged patina finish, optional post cover available. USA made, ships free to most locations. Measures 28″ tall x 12″ diameter.


Bionic rose gardening gloves are designed to help keep your hands thorn-free while tending to your roses. These gauntlet-style gardening gloves are made with top-grade, reinforced leather that offers incredible durability.  And ventilated web zones between the fingers help your hands breathe while out in the yard.



Reusable Tote Feed Bag
Rubber Chicken
2 Drink Coozies
Chicken Poop Lip Balm
Yellow Treat Ball
4 Cookie Cutters
Pair of gloves
Small thermometer
Post Card
1 Cackle Hatchery Cap
1 Cookbook
1 Dozen Ceramic Eggs


Your favorite gardener will love this specially curated set. Set includes USA made waxed cotton tool tote and our best selling 3-piece indestructible trowel and cultivator set. Plus, as an added bonus, we’ve added a 155ft roll of Jute twine that stores neatly in the bags front pocket. A staff favorite.


Garden Strong and Confident! Centurion knows tools. Whether gifting these tools to a new gardener or giving them to a master gardener, Centurion tools are up for any task. The Centurion Garden and Outdoor Living Cutting Set ($30), a handy bright-colored cutting tools set, includes a lopper, pruner, and hedge shears. Your loved one will be able to tackle any garden cutting project with this set.


Enjoy gardening again with the space saving, amazing GrowGreen® expandable hose! Watch the innovative expandable hoses design grow before your very eyes as the tubing fills with water and extends to nearly three times its size. Made with durable, pressure-resistant latex material.  These hoses are safe for average water pressure and won’t burst, leak, or break. When not in use, the GrowGreen® pipe shrinks down for easy storage and is super easy to coil without kinking or twisting. This watering hose has an 8-way nozzle included. The GrowGreen® pipe is built to last and will bring lushness and life to your garden.


Vertical Gardens made easy with Hang-a-pot, the hidden flower pot hanger. Featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Do it Yourself and Country Living magazines. This rugged hanger securely holds clay pots 4″-10″ on any surface, holds up to 50 lbs., even in high winds. Comes with lifetime warranty and made in the USA. Transform dull fences, railings, walls, pallets, shutters, stumps, old doors,  etc. into vibrant hanging gardens. You’ve seen the pins and of hanging pots on social media and magazines. Hang-a-pot is the way to DIY.


This GeoSafari talking microscope is a great way to engage young children in scientific observation, while having fun at the same time! They’ll spend hours engaged with the microscopic images while the microscope “talks” to them, sharing fun facts about what they’re seeing on the slides.


The Liberty Model 712 Single Arm Navigator is a decorative wall mounted hose reel with a rotating carriage. Pull up on the handle for a full 360 degrees of rotation or release the handle into one of the four positions to secure the carriage in place.


Red Pearl is richer and darker in color than any other variety of amaryllis. Its broad, velvety petals are deep crimson, overlaid with burgundy and maroon. Glittering golden stamens complete the picture. Regal in color and impressive in size, with enormous flowers that often measure 8″ across. Each of these extra-large, 32/34 centimeter bulbs will produce 3 stems with 4 to 5 blossoms per stem. Plant indoors for mid-winter flowers. Item #10000334


Special Black Friday thru Cyber Monday deal (when you buy from or order by phone at 1-888-240-4765): $259.  SAVE $170.  MSRP: $429.  Composting is a must for every gardener. Build better soil, a healthier ecosystem, and save money! It’s also a simple way to reduce and reuse kitchen and garden waste. Compost tumblers produce compost with little effort in just 2-4 weeks. The Original CompostTumbler started the composting revolution 40 years ago and remains synonymous with fast and easy composting.  It holds up to 18 bushels and is simple to unload, just turn directly into a garden cart or wheelbarrow. Durable, rust-resistant, with a galvanized steel wall, this Original CompostTumbler will last decades.


DoorScapes from Nature Hills create instant curb appeal. Living decorations – like this Castle Spire Blue Holly Tree – make sophisticated Holiday accents for your home, or at the entrance of your business. Place one on either side of a doorway or use one between each garage door stall as a special accent. Decorate them for Christmas, New Year’s, Superbowl, Winter, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day – you name it! Plant them in your garden to create a high impact focal point. Click here to see the entire collection of DoorScapes specialty topiaries from Nature Hills.


In Vertical Vegetables, author Amy Andrychowicz shows you a thing or two about growing up. Gardening vertically, that is. With practical principles and the incisive background information you’ll need to start, Amy shows you how to build nearly two dozen growing structures, including trellises, arbors, archways, wall pockets, towers, and more. Vertical Vegetables is packed with important information, including lists of plants that are best suited for vertical growing. This beautiful project book is your key to more garden produce and improved outdoor living in any space, from tiny and urban, to large and sprawling.


Get your kids excited about the outdoors and away from screen time with a green limited-edition curated big gardening box.  Includes Gardening Tools with STEM Learning Guide “Good Bugs for Your Garden”, Gardening Gloves, 4 Seedling Planters to grow their first plants, Garden Stickers, Bee Coloring Mask, Crayons and DIY Garden Picture Frame.


Sharpens every blade and cutting edge you own. Flexible abrasive belts and precision sharpening guides make your tools sharper than ever. Sharpen kitchen knives, scissors, pruning shears, hatchets, axes, shovels, and anything else with a cutting edge. Give your tools new life, and get your jobs done faster. A low speed motor protects your tools and gives you confidence to sharpen every tool in your shed.


The perfect canine companion! Our Dog River Stone Critter brings a wonderful touch of whimsy to a flower bed, porch, or patio.

GIFT IDEAS 1-20 | 21-40 | 41-60 | 61-80 | 81-100


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