Top 100 Gifts for Gardeners #21-40

By Shelley Pierce | November 20, 2018
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by Shelley Pierce
November 20, 2018

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Ready to give mason bees a try? Grow more apples, pears, and plums with our gentle hole-nesting bees that are 100 times more effective than honey bees. Get started raising mason and leafcutter bees for year-round pollination at a fraction of the cost, time, and effort of raising honey bees. Our Spring and Summer BeeWorks Kit is our best all-in-one kit for raising gentle spring mason and summer leafcutter bees, in your choice of Chalet or Cottage Bee House. Hiveless bee-raising kit includes bee house, nesting materials, bee cocoons, and accessories.


Know when your sunscreen is working with Dig It In The Sunâ„¢ UVA/UVB indicator dots. This Innovative new UVA/UVB Sensor/Indicator Adhesive Dot applies to skin and reacts to sunscreen just like your skin, changing colour when it’s time to reapply sunscreen. Dig It In The Sun Dots are made from a thin, flexible bio-polymer that reacts like your skin to UV exposure. Non-irritating and hypoallergenic, when exposed to UV, the dot changes from clear to purple. When sunscreen is applied over the Dot, it turns clear and only changes colour when sunscreen wears off – even through a full day of activity!


The EarthBox® Complete Ready-To-Grow Kit is the perfect gardening gift for anyone who wants to grow their own fresh food. From novice gardeners to professionals, the EarthBox® is an ideal container gardening system for nearly everyone, any age! Each kit features a unique, sub-irrigated planter that allows home gardeners to grow delicious fruit, vegetables, and herbs without having a traditional in-ground garden. This simple concept of applying commercial growing techniques in a contained system blends ease and functionality so you can enjoy fresh homegrown food with minimal effort.


Use our gauntlet gardening glove for trimming roses, pruning holly bushes, berry bushes and other prickly shrubs, tending to cactus plants and even delicate tasks like holding your cat at grooming time. The gauntlet sleeve offers sturdy but soft coverage right up to your elbow. You will have extra protection from thorns and pickers that only real leather can give, as well as a level of breathability that synthetics can’t provide. Packaged in a reusable cloth storage bag, these gloves are GIFT READY.

PREMIUM PRUNING LOPPERS (Reg. $119.90 Sale $99.95)

One of our Best-selling tools for a reason. Designed with a unique ratcheting mechanism for extra power and built oversized for strength. The telescoping handles extend up to 40″ long so you can easily reach those high up limbs. Branches dead or alive don’t stand a chance. If you are looking to give a gift that will last a lifetime, look no further.


The unique and unmatchable Gold Leaf range are the ONLY gardening gloves endorsed by The Royal Horticultural Society and are now widely recognized as “The World’s Finest”! Encompassing unique and innovative designs in association with exceptionally high quality deerskin leather, which is both comfortable, dexterous and durable, these superior hard wearing gardening gloves are now used by a loyal legion of keen & serious gardening alike – a joy to wear and the perfect gift for any gardener. For further information on the luxurious TOUGH TOUCH gauntlet seen here, or alternative styles in the Gold Leaf range, please see and @goldleafgloves on Insta/Twitter.


GreenStalk is a patented, soil-based, vertical garden made completely in East Tennessee from high quality, thick, UV-resistant, BPA, BPS & PVC-free plastic. A 5 Tier GreenStalk Vertical Garden comes with a total 30 planting pockets that you can plant with a variety of vegetables, herbs, flowers and strawberries. For planting ideas, be sure to check out our blog! Simply fill the top water reservoir to the 5 tier mark whenever your plants need to be watered. The GreenStalk’s unique watering system will deliver fresh water to each of the tiers below so you don’t have to water each plant individually.


Hang-a-pot flower poles on wheels. Handcrafted of solid cedar for a lifetime of use, these attractive plant stands come with legs, wheels, cap, and Hang-a-pot flower pot hangers which securely hold clay pots 4″-10″ in diameter. The perfect solution for adding a nice accent to decks, patios, apartment gardens. Need more space for orchids, bromeliads, succulents, African violets? These poles are the perfect small space, vertical garden solutions. Made in America by Native American military vets exclusively for Hang-a-pot customers.


Lortone is known for their quiet, durable, quality rock tumblers. This one can hold up to 3 pounds of rock for tumbling a large quantity at once. The kit has everything you need to get started: the Lortone 3A rotary rock tumbler, 2 pounds of select tumbling rock mix (with 1″-3″ specimens), pre-measured quantities of four polishing grits, and detailed Lortone rock tumbling step-by-step instructions.


Juwelo online store has more gorgeous genuine gemstone jewelry than ever! With over 15 years of experience in the business, we provide superior quality gemstone jewelry at great prices. With our trusted gemstone experts we have been able to negotiate competitive prices, passing these savings on to you! This Sky Blue Topaz ring is set with .925 Sterling Silver. Juwelo Topaz rings and all of our natural gemstone jewelry collections are on sale at 30% off through the Black Friday weekend. And we are offering all Gardening Know-How readers an additional 5% off! Just use the code: GARDEN5PLUS at check-out.


This creamy white and soft pink amaryllis is a classic that’s treasured for its large flowers and delicate color. This all-in-one gift kit includes a jumbo, 34/36 centimeter amaryllis bulb with a birch bark pot that beautifully complements the flower’s pastel hues. The kit also includes soil and decorative moss. Plant indoors in early winter and enjoy a living bouquet of mid-winter flowers that lasts for weeks. A thoughtful gift for anyone who loves flowers. Item #12300013.


The Power Planter 3″X12″ DIY Guru Auger is the perfect gift for the green thumb in the family, or the tool junky of the house. 100% Made in the USA with an unconditional guarantee, will fit any 3/8″ or larger drill, making this a no-brainer for planting, tilling, mixing, or even putting an umbrella in the ground to admire your beautiful landscape and garden!


In this book, you’ll find the tools you need to become a seed starting and saving champion. Author and gardening expert Julie Thompson-Adolf walks you through every step of the journey, making the entire process a joy. You’ll find hints to encourage stubborn seeds to germinate, lists of varieties to add to your garden, charts for quick growing reference, and simple DIY projects to aid your seed starting and saving adventure.  The extensive plant entries inside cover all the most popular vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. Get started with tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and melons, or chamomile, cosmos, sweet peas, and poppies. Whether you’re an experienced gardener new to seed starting and saving or a brand-new grower, you’ll soon have healthy, productive, beautiful plants for your garden.


Showcase greenery and floral arrangements at every doorway, patio, deck””or any other living space””with these visually-stunning, lightweight, durable, and thoughtfully-designed Ella Tall planters. The modern, tapered design is constructed with a blend of stone and resin for increased durability, which also adds to its unique marbled look. In addition to its elegance, each Ella Tall planter has a built-in self-watering component, the Water-Minderâ„¢ reservoir, to provide continual hydration to plants. These deep vessels can accommodate larger plants, small trees, shrubbery, and spilling vines. You’ll be enjoying these one-of-a-kind, statement planters for years to come.


A Chemical Free easy-to-use, fully adjustable tool for removing those pesky weeds from driveways, sidewalks, patios, and decks. No more kneeling or bending down to pull weeds out of the ground, one at a time. Now you can spend less time weeding, and more time doing the activities you enjoy. The tool works on the same principle as a mop. Just set it over a weed-infested crack or crevice and scrape those weeds away. After you’re done, sweep them away with your broom.


The holidays wouldn’t be the same without Amaryllis blooms. A surefire source of vibrant color, these bulbs are easy-to-grow, and mesmerizing to watch. This bold Red Lion Amaryllis from Israel will create a stunning holiday display. You can expect these beautiful red blooms to appear in about six weeks and remain vibrant all season. The Triple Amaryllis includes ornaments to increase holiday cheer. Whether as a stunning centerpiece or beaming from the mantel, the Snow Covered Hill Amaryllis is a great gift for everyone on your list.


A gift for all seasons! Place one in your community garden or neighborhood for year round sharing. What better way to inspire a love for giving back! Whether it’s books, seed packets, letters to Santa or mittens and scarves for those less fortunate, this is a gift that keeps on giving. It’s made of durable, double wall plastic, easy to install over a 4×4 post and features a raised, ribbed floor and hinged door with magnetic closure to keep contents safeguarded from weather. Little upkeep needed for stewards as the library will not rust crack, chip, peel or warp. Made in USA by veteran-owned, Simplay3.


Get your kids excited about the outdoors and away from screen time with a green limited-edition curated big gardening box. Includes Gardening Tools with STEM Learning Guide “Good Bugs for Your Garden”, Gardening Gloves, 4 Seedling Planters to grow their first plants, Garden Stickers, Bee Coloring Mask, Crayons and DIY Garden Picture Frame.


Wicked Tough Hand Pruner features an aluminum frame and ergonomic yellow rubber grip.


A beautiful piece that’s perfect for a wall or fence, it features warm, neutral tones that readily complement existing décor. Whether you hang it indoors or outside, you’ll appreciate its sculpted silhouettes and unique textures.

GIFT IDEAS 1-20 | 21-40 | 41-60 | 61-80 | 81-100


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