Top 100 Gifts For Gardeners #41-60

By Shelley Pierce | November 20, 2018
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by Shelley Pierce
November 20, 2018

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Winter storms tend to damage limbs and branches, so when spring comes, your trees and plants need to be pruned to stay healthy. Our best-selling Cut and Saw Pruning Pair is a perfect set for large branches as well as small. The set includes our Folding Japanese Pruning Saw and our Cast Aluminum Bypass Pruners. Makes a great gift.


From makers of the World renowned Gold Leaf Glove range and endorsed by The Royal Horticultural Society ‘The RHS Collection’ comprises three styles of high quality deerskin leather gloves for ladies, with each design taking its name from a world famous flower show – Perfect as a gift, or for your own use in the garden! With the added benefit of ergonomically designed padding for extra comfort and featuring stunning images of symbolic flowers which convey a special sentiment of either Remembrance (CHELSEA-Poppy) Friendship (HAMPTON-Yellow Rose) or Hope and Wisdom (MALVERN-Iris), this unique range truly offers “gloves with feeling”, especially thoughtful when given as a gift.


Makes a perfect gift for the gardener who has everything! Every item we included makes a great addition to any size GreenStalk Vertical Planter as well as any type of garden. Includes: “Plant Lady” T-Shirt (S-3XL), Variety of 7 Organic non-GMO Herb Seeds, 7 Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Plant Markers, Super Permanent Ink Marker, 2 Moisturizing Hand Lotion Bars, and an Adorable Red and Green Basket. Plus this bundle ships free!


This root viewer has three large clear plastic planting tubes in an attractive wooden holder, allowing you to see the growing process from inside the soil as well as above it.


Paperwhite narcissus are incredibly easy to grow indoors. And it’s fun to watch the bulbs sprout, send up buds and then burst into bloom just 3 to 4 weeks after planting. The clusters of snowy white flowers will fill your home with an unforgettable fragrance. This all-in-one kit includes everything needed: pot, soil, 6 paperwhite bulbs and decorative moss. The 9″ diameter black ceramic pot is watertight and complements any décor. Item #12300005.


Everything you need to build relaxing, rewarding, and enriching garden projects.  Our monthly My Do-It-Yourself Garden box ($38.50+shipping) offers fun, seasonal collections and is quite popular with families and crafters. It includes a themed collection of plants, quality containers, step-by-step potting & care instructions, decorative plant labels, properly portioned growing media, gardening tools, supplies, and/or functional decor. All of that in attractive gift-quality packaging!  We also have a My Monthly Plant Club ($21.50+ shipping) that features a unique plant variety and container in each shipment.  Both boxes are easy enough for beginners while rewarding for seasoned gardeners.


Give the gift of wildlife with Naturalyards Pagoda Bird Feeders! The feeder’s unique multi-level design attracts more birds than traditional hopper bird feeders. Choose from ten different sizes, from one to five levels tall. These beautiful bird feeders are hand crafted in Oregon from natural cedar, featuring removable glass panels for easy cleaning, a non-toxic finish, and 10-year limited warranty. Use the offer code GARDENKNOWHOW10 to save 10% on your order! Offer ends December 20, 2018.


Gardeners on your list? What says “I Love You” more than Liquid Fish? Sounds funny, but this very well could be the best gift you ever gave! Neptune’s Harvest is an organic fertilizer made from fresh North Atlantic fish. It is made by a unique cold process that protects the vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and growth hormones. It also has all the micro and macro nutrients plants and soil need. This fertilizer grows very nutrient dense food and brilliant, abundant flowers. Unlike fish emulsions, Neptune’s Harvest is a hydrolyzed Fish and doesn’t stink! All you get is AMAZING HEALTHY RESULTS!

Holiday Gift Packages for Orchid Lovers

This holiday season has two wonderful gift giving options for the orchid enthusiast on your shopping list. We will process your order and send it to your special person! A handwritten holiday card will be included to let the recipient know who they are receiving the gift from. No receipts will be included in the order. You will receive a confirmation email at the time of order placement and you will receive a second email with the tracking information so you are able to ‘follow’ your gift right to their door.


Clauss®, the brand trusted by generations of gardeners, brings its expertise to a full line of tools dedicated to your garden. Clauss® tools incorporate blades that are thru-hardened to hold a long-lasting edge. Clauss® lawn and garden tools are engineered for performance and durability. We are confident they will exceed your expectations. Our 8″ bypass pruner is loaded with technology and a lifetime guarantee. Some of the key features are a Titanium Non-Stick Blade with ½” cut gauge, antimicrobial grips designed to resist mold and mildew, and our Air Shoc grips which are impact resistant and help reduce hand fatigue.


Whether you are planting bulbs, flowers, or a vegetable garden, the Dirt Snatcher, an innovative new garden tool, will make the job easier. The tool was designed for ease of use with a unique digging motion that acts like a mini post-hole digger. To use, simply insert into prepared soil and pull up on the spring-loaded handle to lift the soil. Drop a bulb, seed or plant in the 3″ hole, release dirt to cover, and go on to the next. So, throw away your trowel and get the new garden gadget that makes gardening easier and more enjoyable. The Dirt Snatcher is the easiest way to dig.


Whether you want to Grow Your Own, or Give the Gift of a Garden, this Pesto Garden Kit includes everything you need, and four varieties of basil: aromatic Sweet Basil, savory Purple Basil, citrusy Lemon Basil, and lively Greek Basil. With all of these distinct and fresh basils, your homemade, organic and non-GMO pesto dishes are sure to be showstoppers! Kits can be purchased as sheets alone to be planted in any 12-inch container pot, or kits can be purchased complete with sheet, fabric container, and soil.


FREE SHIPPING!  These rustic hearts are made by a California artist from reclaimed redwood that is repurposed into unique succulent planters. A perfect DIY gift for a succulent lover. The Small Heart Planter Kit comes with 7″ redwood heart frame and 6 2″ plants plus moss and instructions on how to plant your succulent heart. For step-by-step instructions on how to plant your redwood heart, take a look at the photos shown here and visit our Planting Guide for detailed instructions and care tips. Please call the nursery if you have any other questions! (831)-632-0482. Happy planting! You will need to supply some additional soil to complete your planting.


  • Rugged cast aluminum handle construction
  • Wicked high carbon steel blade – taper ground, heavy gauge resists bending and breaking
  • Comfortable non-slip rubber over-mold grip design is ergonomically designed to fit your hand
  • Fail Safe Blade Lock Designâ„¢ with hardened steel lock-pin and hardware – NO PLASTIC to break
  • Lifetime Warranty, excludes blade
  • Closed Length: 8.25in. – Blade Length: 7.0 in.
  • Weight: 0.50 lbs.
  • Available with black or yellow grip
  • Designed, Engineered, 100% Quality Assured & Packaged in the USA. Manufactured in China.


Bokashi composting is a process of fermentation that quickly and easily converts food waste into highly productive compost. It is rapidly becoming many gardeners favored approach to building healthy and productive soils. Successful bokashi composting typically uses 2 bokashi buckets, as this allows you to continuously collect and compost all of your food waste as it’s produced. This is why our 2 bin kit is consistently our best seller for households new to bokashi composting. Each starter kit includes: 2 x bokashi kitchen composters (bokashi buckets), 1, 2 or 3 x 1.75lb bags of premium bokashi bran, 4-Step and Troubleshooting Guide to Bokashi Composting.
Order today and start producing your own homemade, microbe & nutrient-rich compost!


CharGrow® BioGranules™ is a biochar-based probiotic containing beneficial microorganisms and microbial foods. When added to growing media and native soils, BioGranules™ has been proven to enhance biological activity and plant performance. Field trials with CharGrow® BioGranules™ have shown better plant productivity when BioGranules™ is added at 2-3% by volume (in growing mixes) and 15-20 lbs. per acre in row crops. BioGranules™ inoculated tomato transplants were greener and approximately 25% taller at field setting and earlier fruiting yield was increased by 51%. (3 yr Virginia Tech growing trials).


Colorado Stonecrafts would love to accent your home or garden with beautiful custom made stones. These are hand-selected premium river rocks from the mountains of Colorado. They are cut deep with a sand-blasting process to last forever and then a special 30-year paint is applied to the engraving. Prices range from single-word cameo stones (about 3 inches) for $15 up to 12-inch custom stones for $98 including graphics. They can welcome guests to your front door, provide humor and wisdom in the garden, or remember a loved one. If you want to say something important, say it in stone.


Give the gift of sustainability.
Swedish designed Jora Composters are made of powder coated galvanized steel with stainless steel fittings and are lined with stable, food grade polyethelene insulation to provide effortless continuous composting even throughout the harshest winter conditions. They are rodent and odor proof. The Jora JK125/270/400’s are divided into two compartments. While one is being filled, the compost in the other chamber matures. Once the compartment being filled can take no more, the mature compost is emptied from the other compartment, and the cycle begins again. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.


For people who love to garden…All you need is Fine Gardening Magazine. It’s packed with ideas and photos to inspire your imagination, plus the know-how to apply workable ideas to your specific plot of land. From pruning to potting, starting seeds to dividing mature plants, Fine Gardening shows you the techniques essential to garden care. Every issue includes the design insight you need to create a gorgeous garden. Plus, you’ll find proven tips and practical advice to answer all your gardening how-to questions. Subscribe to Fine Gardening Magazine today and enjoy digital issues as well.


Our best selling and hottest item of the year! Our Flamed Triple Calla Lily Garden Stake features a trio of sculpted flowers atop rounded bells that chime gently as breezes blow.

GIFT IDEAS 1-20 | 21-40 | 41-60 | 61-80 | 81-100


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