Top 100 Gifts For Gardeners #61-80

By Shelley Pierce | November 20, 2018
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by Shelley Pierce
November 20, 2018

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These beautifully made elegant copper watering cans are exceptional. They’ll make a perfect gift for any gardener or home owner. Available in two sizes: Medium (holds 5 quarts) and Large (holds 15 quarts).


Kids can observe bugs close-up with this exciting kit. It comes with everything they need for catching and taking a closer look at insects: a special kids-size insect & butterfly net, deluxe bug viewer with magnifier lid, Best Book of Bugs guide to common species, and a pop-up habitat that lets them keep insects without a mess (or harming the bugs)!


The powerful and respected Devil’s Club (Oplopanax horridus) plant is combined with other native SE Alaskan grown botanicals into Maiden Alaska Herbals: Devil’s Club Salve. This particular salve has been useful for some people in reducing the pain, inflammation and/or possible infection from the following: arthritis, restless legs/growing pains, hemorrhoids, bug bites, psoriasis, eczema, sore muscles from over use/exercise, joint issues, cuts & scrapes, and burns after the heat dissipates.


These attractive plant labels have extra-large nameplates with rounded corners and work best with a grease pencil for long-term retention of markings. Durable, unobtrusive, and affordable, Everlast Labels make a great gift for any garden enthusiast.


No-Waste Kitchen Gardening is a fun and colorful exploration of the amazing results you can get by re-growing vegetable cutoffs and scraps into harvestable, edible plants.  Stop tossing your carrot stumps, loose cilantro sprigs, lettuce and cabbage stalks, and apple cores in the trash! The expert advice in No-Waste Kitchen Gardening gives you all the instruction and tricks you’ll need to grow and re-propagate produce from food waste. You’ll be astonished at how much food waste you can re-grow. Edibles big and small, quick to grow and those that take a big longer, are included, so you can pick and choose which projects to take on. You’ll cut back on food waste, cultivate your own food easily, and maybe even share gardening with a new generation, all with the advice from No-Waste Kitchen Gardening.


Whether you want to Grow Your Own, or Give the Gift of a Garden, this Pizza Garden Kit includes everything you need to elevate your homemade pizza to gourmet! Aromatic Sweet Basil, savory Purple Basil, spicy Scallions, and sweet and delicious Sungold Cherry Tomatoes combine perfectly to create a mouthwatering, non-GMO, and organic feast. Kits can be purchased as sheets alone to be planted in any 12-inch container pot, or kits can be purchased complete with sheet, fabric container, and soil.


Versatile seeding tool for direct sowing in gardens and flats. Used to sow the tiny seed like basil or seed as large as peas. Use on raw and pelleted seed. For a great gift, get a free pack of 250 pelleted Nevada lettuce seed with order. Used by market and home gardeners for starting all types of flowers and vegetables, eliminating wasted seed and fixing spacing and thinning of plants at same time. Made in USA. Get yours and one for a friend today!


FREE SHIPPING! The perfect way to bring some greenery to your office, window or table. These sweet planters measure about 4″ across and are made in California from reclaimed wood. Each planter is filled with an assortment of succulents with complementary colors and textures and top-dressed with natural moss. Because the wood is reclaimed, there are slight variations in coloring.


There is someone in your life that loves their lawn or garden. This winter give them the gift of thinkSOIL. Through our website or free app, thinkSOIL provides your lawn or garden lover more than just a lab-grade soil test. Four ounces of soil provides your loved one with a customized, four-season plan to grow better lawns, gardens or landscapes. We also provide an easy way to order what they need through the app. Grow a better lawn or garden with science and thinkSOIL or search for thinkSOIL in your app store.


Your Torpedopot is designed to grow more flowers, fruits, and vegetables per square foot than traditional or hydroponic gardening systems. Turn the knob, and your plants will grow faster, produce the most beautiful fruit, and foliage that is rarely seen. All you do is add dirt, seeds or seedlings, turn on the knob and walk away. You can grow thousands of fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and grains in your house/apt with no gardening experience or tools. Setup is approx. 15 min and 1-hour monitoring for the year. Pre-order for March 2019.


A Treadlite Broadfork, available at, is the strongest and lightest broadfork on the market! Designed by gardeners for gardeners, it excels at plowing, tilling, aeration and harvest. Starting at only 10 lbs, choose from multiple models between 20″ and 30″ wide and your choice of ash wood or steel handles. Made in America, the Treadlite Broadfork is ready for lifetime of use, backed by their Treadlite Tough Lifetime Guarantee!


Introducing the largest self-watering container garden on the market. This self-watering elevated container garden makes growing veggies child’s play. Anyone can now grow veggies in their backyard or on their balcony – even those with the brownest of thumbs.
Easy to assemble, the Vegepods come in 3 convenient sizes to suit any yard and they can last up to 3 weeks without watering.
Sick of the bugs and critters attacking your crops? No worries here – the Vegepod comes complete with a protective mesh cover that not only protects crops but substantially improves growth rates over standard raised garden beds. A waist height garden with a protective cover – this has to be the easiest and most convenient way to grow vegetables ever.


Grow your 2019 garden with Victory Seeds®! As a mission-driven preservation organization, they work to keep endangered plant varieties available to you and gardeners everywhere. They also work to provide you with the highest value possible – great selection, responsive customer support, detailed descriptions, the highest quality seeds, and all at the best price possible. Please consider supporting their work by giving your favorite gardeners Victory Seeds® gift certificates!


Keyhole Gardens are a brilliant garden design that lets you compost and grow vegetables in the same garden!

  • uses far less water than in-ground gardens (up to 70%), perfect for drought areas
  • composts and grows vegetables in same system
  • use daily kitchen scraps, reducing household waste by up to 30%
  • food grade, BPA free polymer
  • 20 year warranty
  • no tools required


The Weed Zinger is an upright weeding tool that has taken the tedious task of pulling weeds and turned into a FUN project for everyone. The Weed Zinger uproots the weed AND actually shoots the weed directly into a trash can using a powerful spring and trigger mechanism. The Weed Zinger is so light that it can be used with one hand by adults. Designed to be an extension of YOU without getting your back involved! Perfect for all ages!!!

– Makes chores fun
– Easy on the hands
– Simple clean up
– Seniors prefer it

BRONZE GARDENING TOOLS  (Reg. 173.20 Sale. $148.95)

For the gardener who appreciates using unique tools with great function, look no further. Set features 3 unique tools for digging, weeding, and raking as well as a beautiful presentation box to make this the perfect gift to give or to get for the holidays.


Learn how to grow your own Oyster mushrooms at home with this new online course from GroCycle. The course teaches step by step how to grow Oyster mushrooms using the easiest methods and minimal equipment. It’s designed for complete beginners and teaches how to nurture a delicious crop of mushrooms all year round in a small space. Forget buying more items – give the gift of learning (or ask someone to gift it to you!)

LIFEFORCEâ„¢ 1-1-1

LIFEFORCEâ„¢ 1-1-1 is a food waste-based fertilizer that’s OMRI-certified, kid-friendly and pet-friendly. Now you can move food waste from leading grocery stores to a higher purpose and strengthen the LIFE FORCE of your growing food. Because it’s based on the complex nutrients made by food, LIFEFORCE 1-1-1 gives growing food more of what it needs. LIFEFORCE 1-1-1 offers 50% more amino acids than leading competitors, a full spectrum of macro and micronutrients, B vitamins to fight plant stress, a high concentration and variety of organic acids, and it sequesters carbon in humic acid form for better root development and plant growth.


Small tin pail planted with a beautiful succulent and finished off with a festive red ribbon bow. Ready to hang on the tree or tuck into your decor. Sets will include a different succulent variety in each pail. They’ll easily last through the holiday season; we recommend watering only when the plugs are dry, or once every 2 or 3 weeks. From all of us at Mountain Crest Gardens: have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Dimensions 3.25″ (with pail) tall x 1.5″ diameter. Material- Tin. Hardiness- Indoor use only.


The Harmony 6×4 is a beautiful, green powder coated compact greenhouse that easily fits into your patio, deck or balcony. It will allow you to grow herbs, flowers and small vegetables like cherry tomatoes in small, well-lighted spaces. The Harmony 6×4 will make the perfect gift for the hobby grower or beginner gardener. Harmony series are one of the country’s leading greenhouses and are highly rated for durability, quality and functionality. They are maintenance-free and durable, capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions for many years of gardening use, thanks to the virtually unbreakable polycarbonate panels and quality aluminum structure.

GIFT IDEAS 1-20 | 21-40 | 41-60 | 61-80 | 81-100


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