Top US States To Visit For Fall’s Vibrant Tree Colors

By Tammy Sons | August 14, 2017
by Tammy Sons
August 14, 2017

Autumn is an idyllic time to get away for a long weekend and take in the breathtaking scenery of the season’s changing colors. There are plenty of great locations around the country to see Fall’s most colorful display, regardless of which part of the country you are in. Here are the top US states to visit and take in this Fall’s vibrant tree colors.

Aspen Colorado

While Aspen Colorado is best known as a skiing hotspot, don’t miss the chance to visit it during the quieter and warmer months of Autumn. Forgo the snowy peaks and mountains for ones covered in orange and golden hues. This famously outdoor-friendly town offers plenty of lanes and hiking trails to stroll or bike through, allowing you to truly adventure into the surrounding colorful scenery. Not to mention off-season prices and fewer crowds make it a great spot to avoid the usual tourist crowds.

Catskill NY

Tucked into the charming Hudson Valley, Catskill NY is a traditional summer vacation spot most popular with New York city dwellers and locals alike. Yet, by the time the trees are at their most vibrant, the out-of-towners have left and it becomes once again a picturesque town perfect for antiquing and Autumn tree gazing. Complete with a mountain landscape and quaint old town center, Catskill NY is a classic choice for taking in Autumn’s leaf-changing colors.

The Berkshires MA

Head even further east to The Berkshires MA for a quintessential New England Autumn experience. Surrounded by mountains and small towns steeped in colonial beauty, this favorite New England spot is among the area’s prime locations to see Fall’s tree-changing colors. Enjoy the low-key charm of this East Coast getaway along its romantic tree-lined roads and trails.

Columbia River Gorge OR

Columbia River Gorge OR offers a unique Fall experience in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. This nature preserve has an awe-inspiring landscape year round, so naturally Autumn is an ideal time to visit. Located in between two national forests, Columbia River Gorge OR is a canyon landmarked as a National Scenic Area. Its majestic views include mountains, waterfalls, cliff-side river views, and lush green forests. Explore its many off-the-beaten paths and see nature at Autumn’s finest.

Smoky Mountains Gatlinburg TN

Among Autumn’s most scenic Southern states is the famous Smoky Mtns Gatlinburg TN. With its sweeping views high up above the treetops, the Smoky Mountains is a great place to unwind and enjoy the local vibrant beauty of Autumn. Whether venturing out into the woods or relaxing in one of the area’s many cabins, take in the rustic colors of Fall from a Southern point of view.

Head out this Fall and take full advantage of some post-summer relaxation. Enjoy the crisp cool air, uncrowded vacation spots, and mother nature in her most dynamic colors. Dennis Sons, a deciduous tree grower at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery says their sales sky-rockets in autumn for their vibrant fall foliage trees.

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