Transforming Outdoor Spaces with Multi-Level Planters

By Amy Grant | April 16, 2019
Image by Leisure Season
by Amy Grant
April 16, 2019

We just bought a new house and, like every new homeowner, we’re excited to put our personal touch on what is already a gorgeous property. While the yard is minimally landscaped, I’m itching to dig in the dirt myself and I like to have plenty of color and easily accessible herbs right outside my back door. There is a beautiful stone deck but no adjacent landscaping, which leaves me an open canvas – every gardener’s dream!

But what if you want all your flowers, herbs and veggies close at hand? The perfect solution not only provides quick access to salad greens and herbs along with plenty of seasonal blooms, but it can transform nearly any outdoor space into a gardener’s paradise. Leisure Season Multi-Level Planters are the answer to those dreams.

These multi-level planters feature four separate compartments with four levels, so you end up with spaces for growing both vertical and sprawling plants all in one consolidated planter. It’s like having four separate gardening spaces combined and will allow gardeners to increase all their growth and harvesting possibilities.

Each unit is made of a medium brown cypress wood with natural decay resistance, so they’ll last for years. Plus, all Leisure Season products come with a limited one-year warranty. Not only are the planters great for creating a sleek, unified look, but they’re easy to assemble and use by both novice and master gardeners alike.

I absolutely love the idea of adding these multi-level planters to my newly open space with layered herbs and flowers, while tucking in some greens and veggies amongst them too. It’s a wonderful way to create eye-catching, easily accessible salads right outside the kitchen door – or anywhere a garden is desired. The end result can provide dimension, color and aroma just where it’s needed most. In my case, transforming the look of my deck into an outdoor space that makes me feel like I’m tucked inside a garden oasis, my favorite place to be!

Whether you’re a newbie gardener looking to start out with something simple, or an old pro in need of a space-saving solution in the garden, a multi-level planter may be just what you need. And, FYI, Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Perhaps, that perfect gift for Mom is a Leisure Season Multi-Level Planter!

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