Transporting Plants Using True Liberty Bags

By Nikki Tilley | November 2, 2018
by Nikki Tilley
November 2, 2018

As gardeners we tend to order plants on occasion. While the way in which these plants are packaged and transported varies from place to place amongst different nurseries, housing them in newspaper or plastic bags to hold in moisture during their trip is a common method. So why not employ the same tactic when moving your own plants from one location to another, or perhaps when sending them to others straight from your garden. When it comes to garden bags, don’t go CHEEP, get some industrial strength True Liberty Bags!

Flock O’ Bags

More precisely, consider using True Liberty Bags to move or ship plants from the garden. Their Flock O’ Bags, for example, are a great option. Okay, I can hear the comments now – why would you use food storage bags for plants? To this, I would have to counter with, why not. First, as one of those people that believes in reusing items whenever possible, especially in the garden, these bags can used in different ways too. I already have and use them for storing my veggie harvest, but why stop at using them for just food?

The versatile properties of True Liberty bags can be utilized just as easily with garden plants. What properties am I referring to? Here’s a quick list:

  • 100% BPA Free
  • FDA Approved
  • Food-Grade Nylon
  • Industrial Strength
  • Smell-proof material
  • Tear & Puncture Resistant
  • Withstands fat, grease, oil & water
  • Wide Temperature Range: -100 ÌŠF to 400 ÌŠF (-73 ÌŠC to 204 ÌŠC)

And here are just some of the many ways these qualities can be taken advantage of when moving garden plants. Take the temperature range, for instance. You won’t need to worry if it’s cold out. They’ll remain nice and cozy inside their temporary travel bags. Even if it’s hot, the bags will help retain moisture so they can arrive at their destination without drying out. And there’s no need in worrying about them ripping either. With their industrial strength and puncture resistance, your plants will be safe and no soil or moisture will be lost during the trip. The fact that the bags are BPA free and FDA approved are natural win-wins for anyone using them with edibles.

Another great thing about the Flock O’ Bags is that they come with 4 different bag sizes to accommodate various plant heights – with exception to larger trees. The Commercial Line of larger sizes would be better for use with plants like this, such as the Bin Liner (48″W x 30″L) or the 55-Gallon Drum Liner (36″W x 48″L), either can easily accommodate a young shrub or tree. Of course, do keep in mind that these are just “temporary” homes for transporting plants. Be sure to include instructions not only for how to care for them, but as soon as they get to where they’re going, they will need to be put in the garden or a container as soon as possible.

Regular garden bags are for the birds, so try True Liberty Bags for something much stronger. These versatile bags are great for cooking, freezing or storing your garden vegetables but they can also serve just as well for transporting your favorite plants from one place to another – all while sharing the love of gardening with friends and family. And the gift of gardening is always priceless!

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