Unique Garden Tools Everyone Should Have

By Mary Ellen Ellis | August 28, 2018
Image by Root Assassin
by Mary Ellen Ellis
August 28, 2018

Every gardener should have at least the basics in their toolsheds: shovel, spade, gloves, pruning shears, wheelbarrow, and so on. But there are some tools that go beyond the basics which can make gardening easier, quicker, and less damaging on the body. All avid gardeners know that the right tool can make the difference between a job being efficient and pain-free and the job taking forever and causing aching joints and muscles. Luckily, Root Assassin has you covered. Here are a few tools you may not have considered before but will want to try out in your garden.


One Shot Shovel

A Better, More Effective Shovel

A shovel is a crucial tool in the garden for digging holes, turning over soil, putting in transplants, turning mulch, and so much more. But not all shovels are the same. If you’re still using the same basic shovel you got ten years ago, it’s time to check out the advances that have been made in the intervening years. If you have ever had to dig a big hole or trench, or cut out grass or sod, you know how much effort it takes.

You can do these tough digging jobs more easily with a tool like the One Shot Shovel. It comes in two lengths: 43 and 60 inches. But what really makes this shovel special is that it has a unique shape with two wings, one to either side of the handle. These provide greater surface area for your foot so that you can press down into hard soil and roots with greater force. They also strengthen the shovel and provide a larger area to hold soil so that you don’t get spillage over the sides. It’s an easier, cleaner, and more efficient way to move soil and sod.


Rack Assassin

An Easy-to-Use Tool Caddy

Every gardener comes up with his or her own solution to organizing tools, but what if you could put all your tools in one spot, easily hang it in the shed or garage, and also be able to pick them all up at once and carry them around the garden? The Rack Assassin Tool Caddy can do all this, making it easier to store, organize, and move gardening tools.

The tool caddy can hold five long-handled tools at once, which is adequate for most home gardeners. The clips adjust to fit any width of handle and fitting them in is as simple as just popping the tool into the clip. There are sturdy carrying straps and a handle so the caddy can be lifted and carried from bed to bed throughout the garden; it weighs just five pounds without the tools.

This hand tool holder is also easy to mount on a wall. Instead of dumping all your tools into a cluttered pile that will have you swearing the next time you need to extract a rake or shovel, hang the caddy on the wall and have quick access to any of the tools or the entire caddy.

Having the right tools in the garden make tough chores easier and this beloved hobby more fun and less painful. Get through the tougher chores with these and other unique tools that you can find at Root Assassin, from specialized shovels and tool caddies to more effective rakes and clean up tools.

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