Use Lava Soap to Remove Dirt from Hands After Gardening

By Nikki Tilley | May 17, 2019
Image by Nikki Tilley
by Nikki Tilley
May 17, 2019

For those of us who love to garden, it’s not just the plants we enjoy, or the time spent outdoors “¦ it’s about getting our hands dirty and becoming closer to nature. But, at the end of the day, we still need to get clean, and sometimes this can be an undertaking. This is when I and many other gardeners reach for that trusty bar of Lava® Soap sitting on the kitchen sink.

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Lava® Soap

When Nothing Else Will Do, Lava® Soap Can

This isn’t just any soap on the block. It was specifically designed with people like us in mind – gardeners. While you may think it’s just for men that enjoy working on cars and cleaning up all that grease, oil and grime from their hands, you’d be wrong. Both men and women benefit from Lava® Soap. In addition to grease and grime, it cuts though dirt, mud and more – including sticky sap – making it just as good after gardening. With its gentle scouring power that gets hands squeaky clean after even the dirtiest of jobs, you’re left not only with clean hands but soft, smooth ones. Another plus for us ladies!

These hands need Lava® Soap!

It’s all in the volcanic pumice, and a little added moisturizer, which makes this soap stand out above all others. It scrubs and exfoliates the skin gently but effectively. One of the things I’ve always appreciated most about Lava® Soap, besides the fact that it gets the job done regardless of how dirty my hands are, is that it’s not filled with overpowering perfumes which trigger my allergies and leave me sneezing. Instead, it’s lightly scented. To me, this seems a no-brainer – fewer aromatic ingredients equals more heavy-duty scouring power, and isn’t that really what you want from a hand soap anyway?

Lather, Rinse, Repeat as Needed

Nothing beats having soft, smooth hands after working in the garden all day. All it takes is a simple lather, rinse, repeat as needed, and your hands are just like new again. If you’re worried about having to dig under your nails to get out the packed-in dirt, worry not. There’s a trick to this too – before you head out to the garden, simply rub your nails across a bar of Lava® Soap and the dirt won’t stick to them as you plant or weed those flowerbeds.

Don’t toss your extra Lava® Soap slivers once the bars get too small to handle. Fill a knee-high pantyhose sock with Lava Soap slivers and tie it to a post next to the outdoor water spigot. This way, if your hands are really dirty, you can wash them up before going into the house. The same idea could be taken a step further by blending or mashing the bar slivers with a small amount of water to create hand soap. Put it in an empty, clean soap or lotion dispenser and keep it in the greenhouse or potting shed near a water source to clean your hands.

It’s always important to have clean hands after gardening. But I’ve found a few other useful ways to take advantage of the cleaning power of this soap.

Two more useful tricks for Lava® Soap in the garden:

  • Swipe a bar of Lava® Soap over the blades of pruners or hand saws and it will help prevent grime from sticking and allow the tools to cut more easily.
  • Rub a Lava® Soap bar across window and door tracks in the greenhouse and wipe with a rag. The soap helps pick up the stuck-in dirt so it cleans away easily.

Lava® Soap is available at Walmart stores nationwide. You can find a money-saving coupon here. Follow Lava® Soap on Facebook for more tips on how to clean up after gardening and other creative projects.


The above article was sponsored by Lava® Soap. The information contained in this article may contain ads or advertorial opinions.
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