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Using 2Wayz Splitters to Maximize Watering Tasks

By Mary H. Dyer | July 6, 2017
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Using 2Wayz Splitters to Maximize Watering Tasks

by Mary H. Dyer July 6, 2017

Using 2Wayz Splitters to Maximize Watering Tasks

By Mary H. Dyer | July 6, 2017

Irrigating a thirsty lawn and garden requires an incredible amount of time, especially when the mercury soars in midsummer. Caring for small yards is challenging, but keeping up with watering may seem nearly impossible if you’ve got a large landscape with varying moisture requirements. A two-way splitter can help.

G&S Investments has completely revamped the 2Wayz Hose Splitter, not once but twice, to keep plants (and gardeners) happy. Improvements include metal, bolted components that won’t leak or disconnect, even after years of use. The new and improved, heavy-duty, 2Wayz metal splitter is more user-friendly and constructed to last a lifetime. The rubber coating and long, easy-grip handles make the splitter comfortable to use in all types of weather, even for gardeners with stiff hands or arthritis.

2Wayz Splitters: Not Just for Gardening

The main reason most people purchase a two-way splitter is to make watering tasks easier and more effective, and there are various ways to accomplish this. Just think of the time you can save when one spigot becomes two high-flow water sources. Connect one spigot to a drip system to irrigate rows of vegetables or hook up a timer to deliver just the right amount of water for your prize roses.

With a 2Wayz splitter, you can even take care of two tasks at once. For example, while the sprinkler is watering the backyard, you can:

  • Wash hard-to-reach windows
  • Spring-clean dusty window screens after winter storage
  • Spiff up a garage floor
  • Clean leaf-filled gutters
  • Wash your car
  • Hose off a dusty patio
  • Give your dog a bath
  • You can even use 2Wayz splitters indoors for hooking up a washing machine

The folks at 2Wayz Solutions stand by all of their products 100% and are so sure you’ll love the 2-Wayz splitter that they’ve created an ironclad, completely hassle-free guarantee. If you don’t enjoy a simple, flawless experience with your 2-Wayz splitter, they will replace the splitter or refund your money in full, no questions asked. There’s no two ways about it, if you aren’t happy, they aren’t happy and will do whatever it takes to make it right!

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