Using Black Planters in Home Design

By Olesya Nesterova | October 16, 2018
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by Olesya Nesterova
October 16, 2018

Classic black flower pots are the most popular and sought-after planters, thanks to the variety of shapes and sizes available. And they do not go out of fashion because the “classic black” is eternal. At the same time, online store is pleased to offer a wide selection of classic pots in a variety of colors and shapes – both round and square, with or without pedestals, high and low, and in a range of colors other than black. You can choose exactly the pot you need.

 If preparations are needed in locating the plants, do so beforehand. For example, the floor area where flowers will be kept, especially those prone to dropping, should be easily cleaned, such as tiles rather than carpet. Sometimes, it is necessary to increase the width of the windowsills in advance if working with a large number of flower pots. And, sometimes, you may find it necessary to take advantage of all apartment space, like the balcony, and arrange a garden there.

 Many people like to put tall black planters in the corner to give the interior elegance. Black pots can complement the interior design but may not always be very appropriate there. Different colored pots are suitable for those who have enough of one plant to cheer up the space. Such pots can be white, black, red – whatever. You do not even need to grow a plant there; you can simply sow an ordinary lawn. In any case, outdoor flower pots in the interior will necessarily become the “assembly point.” Don’t know how to choose a pot that fits your interior? Look for similar flower pots from design companies. Many Italian and German companies produce incredibly beautiful planters in collaboration with the most famous designers. Planters are not cheap, but you can buy yourself one luxurious type and work in less expensive designs. And another important point: the higher the ceilings, the higher the pot should be.

 Ideas for interior with black pots:

 ●       The combination of black and white – a symbol of unity and struggle of opposites. These two colors perfectly shade and complement each other and are considered one of the most contrast combinations. Together they create elegant and original interior solutions. The combination of black and white is symbolic: instantly recalls the keys of the piano, the cells of the chessboard, the old films and photos, the allegory about the dark and light strips in life. The use of these shades is a spectacular technique in the design, simulating impeccable taste, a sense of harmony, and proportions. With the addition of black and white, it is easy to create optical illusions, place accents, and emphasize the perfection of form and style.

 ●       You can focus on red color – an option for confident owners who love clarity and structure. All presented photos demonstrate a variety of cold and warm tones, and it is important to find “your” individuality. This is an integral part of a successful project, but to a greater extent it manifests itself in decor. It’s also a good way to create a red interior not only in those rooms where you are awake, but also to make a binding color for the whole house. Black pots, especially high and elongated models, will look very beautiful there.

 ●       The combination of blue and black is very rarely seen simultaneously in the interiors of ordinary apartments. To many it seems utterly gloomy. Different shades of black enhance the coldness of blue and, therefore, categorically are not suitable for small rooms. You can put up to 5-6 small pots in spaces like this, but a larger number should be used only for the design of large enough rooms.

 Black planters can overheat on a sunny windowsill or on a veranda in the summer. This is dangerous for the flower! It is important that there are holes in the pot, even in clay, they will not be superfluous. Do not forget about the pallet, it should match the size of the pot.

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