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Using Garden Tillers in Small Spaces

by Mary H. Dyer June 8, 2017

Using Garden Tillers in Small Spaces

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Bigger isn’t always better. A good quality tiller is a must-have for most gardeners, and if you have a good-sized garden, you require a good-sized tiller. If, on the other hand, you have a smaller spread, a hefty tiller is just plain overkill. Also, newbie gardeners may simply want to start out small until they get more accustomed to working the soil or try their hand at additional gardening projects. If you’re debating about tiller size, here are a few things to keep in mind about smaller tillers like those from Mantis:

  • Larger tillers may cover a lot of ground, but a smaller tiller fits into tight spots. With a width of only 9 inches, the Mantis 2-cycle tiller allows you to edge a flower bed, create a narrow trench, plant a tree, cultivate between garden rows or work up the soil along a wall or fence – all things you can’t do with a wider, heavier tiller.
  • Smaller tillers don’t require a lot of storage space when you aren’t using them. For instance, the 2-cycle tiller previously mentioned is equipped with fold-down handles. It’s incredibly easy to fold away and a snap to transport.


  • Lightweight tillers are easier on the back and shoulders. Mantis has worked hard to create a machine that provides maximum comfort with minimum fatigue, including comfortable, ergonomic handle grips that won’t place undue strain on the arms and wrists.


All Mantis tillers are strong and durable, including the 20-pound 2-cycle tiller. This powerful little beast may be small and light, but it’s definitely not wimpy. The uniquely designed tines are easily reversible, making the tiller especially versatile. Turn the tines one way and you get a power weeder that cultivates the top of the soil and makes short work of pesky weeds without releasing the weed seeds buried deep within the soil. Turn the tines the other way if you need to dig deeper – even if the soil is hard and compacted. Mantis offers a lifetime guarantee against broken tines. If one ever breaks, it will be replaced at no cost, no matter how long you’ve owned your tiller or how hard you’ve used it.


Work doesn’t stop with tilling and cultivation, and Mantis has you covered with several optional attachments. With a 2-cycle tiller and the right attachment, you can aerate or dethatch your lawn, create a sharp edge or border, clean the crevices between stones or pavers, or even trim a hedge.

Considering all this, it’s not surprising that the Mantis 2-Cycle tiller is the world’s best-selling mini tiller, and makes using a garden tiller in small places an easier job than ever before.

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