Using Natural Looking Fountains in the Garden

By Darcy Larum | June 7, 2017
Image by Blue Thumb
by Darcy Larum
June 7, 2017

There is something about the sound of water that has a soothing and relaxing effect on the soul. Whether it be the trickling and babbling sounds of a creek or stream, the rushing of a waterfall, or the lapping and roaring sound of waves, being near water is a calming experience for many people all over the world. Even the sound of rain can deeply affect the human spirit. It makes sense then that so many people choose to incorporate water features into their gardens or on their patios.

Oftentimes, our gardens are a sacred space – one of solitude and contemplation. We garden not just to grow food or plants, but also to feel close to nature, clear our minds and create a place that is beautiful to us. The steady rhythm of a water feature in the garden can increase the meditative state that gardening provides. However, no matter how soothing and relaxing the sound of water may be, it can throw the whole concept of a sacred space out of whack if the water feature looks unnatural or out of place.

Natural looking water features and fountains are important additions to zen and meditation styled gardens. In these types of gardens, it is important that the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) be represented throughout the garden. Water features or fountains, of course, represent the element of water. Depending on what materials the water feature is made from, it can also represent other elements. For example, waterfall or fountains made with large rocks represent the elements of water and earth. This is another reason why natural looking water fountains are preferred over unnatural ones.

Blue Thumb is a family owned and operated company from Saginaw, Michigan that specializes in natural looking water fountains, such as their fiberglass bubbling boulder fountains that look just like real boulders. Water flows or bubbles from an opening on top of the boulder and is then collected in the water basin where it is pumped back up through the fountain. These bubbling boulder fountains are sold in kits that include everything you need – the boulder(s), water basin, pump and all necessary hoses and valves. You can even choose the color of boulder that best suits your particular landscape. The bubbling boulder fountains are available in different sizes and styles too.

Depending on your preference and budget, you can select a small boulder bubbling fountain, low shallow birdbath bubbling fountain, or a tall bubbling boulder fountain. They even have a fountain that can be hooked up to LP or natural gas to light a small torch that burns above an outlet of trickling water.

Nothing is quite as tranquil in the garden as trickling, or bubbling, water. And when you choose to incorporate natural looking fountains into the landscape, it’s like having your very own garden oasis all year long.

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