Using Water Features in the Garden

By Bonnie Grant | March 7, 2017
by Bonnie Grant
March 7, 2017

The sound of burbling water is a favorite to the human ear. The need to hear the sweet trickle and spill of water is an ancient one where the echo of water indicated health, success and security. With modern plumbing and conveniences, it is not necessary to have a water source near the home, but it is endlessly pleasant and relaxing. Fountains are one of the classier ways to enjoy the resonance of water as it pours out and the visual appeal of its relaxing fall. Outdoor Fountain Pros offers a large line of elegant and exciting fountains that will add peaceful appeal and interest with the dance and play of water movement.

You don’t have to have a mansion or a historically restored period home to enjoy a fountain in the landscape. Outdoor Garden Pros have several small space options for those who love the sights and sounds of water, and many work perfectly on a patio or lanai. The M series Rustic Spa Garden Fountain, for example, belongs to this class. It is a charming little fountain that burbles from the top and spills over with a slow, delicate flow. The concrete bases of the fountains come in a host of natural colors, designed to enhance any garden or patio scheme. And it’s easy to set up, requiring no outside plumbing – simply plug into a grounded outlet. Another smaller unit is the Longwood Arabesque Garden Water Fountain. The urn-shaped cast stone receptacle has intricate carvings and an attractive reservoir.

Grander still is the Williamsburg Pineapple 2-Tiered Fountain. This has all the impressive stature of a traditional manor home water feature with durable construction. The deep water basin adds a rich tone to the sound of the water, making this unit a perfect one if you wish for constant dramatic water audio. A smaller tiered fountain is the Caterina, with a recirculating electric pump and durable fiber reinforced concrete construction.

There is also a wide choice of color options to enhance your outdoor décor. The Austin Water Garden has a more modern feel, almost Art Deco-like, and provides gentle peals of soothing water noise. Unique among the standing fountains are wall units. These are not only real space savers, but provide the calming sound of a bubbling brook. A favorite here includes the Estancia Wall fountain, which sits pertly against a wall. Two tiers enhance the scintillating murmur of water as it flows into the basin below. It also needs no outside plumbing and is self-contained with a recirculation pump.

As you can see, there’s no limit to the types of water features available to the home gardener, especially when it comes to fountains. It’s simply a matter of choosing which one you want based on your current needs such as size, budget and personal preference. As long as you choose something that blends in naturally with the area, your fountain will look right at home in its space. With that in mind, be sure to consider its maintenance when situating a water feature in the garden. Keeping fountains away from the shedding leaves or other debris left from nearby shrubs and trees will help simplify cleaning chores.

For many of us, there is nothing more soothing or relaxing as the sound of gurgling, splashing or bubbling water. American made water features such as those offered from Outdoor Fountain Pros can become lifelong companions in the garden. The value and craftsmanship will boost the serenity of your garden space while adding a touch of elegance in both form and sound.

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