Watering A Lawn The Right (And Dry) Way

By Shelley Pierce | April 10, 2019
Image by Gilmour
by Shelley Pierce
April 10, 2019

Somewhere in the catacombs of America’s Funniest Home Video vaults there must be numerous reels of homeowners getting soaked as they move and adjust the sprinklers on their lawns while unsuccessfully ducking and running from their backyard Niagara Falls. [Insert laugh track here.] Well, I guess the joke’s on me because I’ve been waterlogged by my sprinkler many times doing this very thing and, trust me, it’s not at all funny. My mind lately has turned to thoughts of the new gardening season that is now upon us. I’ve been oscillating between investing in a rain slicker or a new sprinkler altogether. But is there a sprinkler out there that will help me to be successful, yet dry, in watering my lawn?

Sprinkler Regrets and Laments

I assure you, the footage of me doing the tango with my sprinkler will never be aired on America’s Funniest Home Videos because the words coming out of my mouth as I’m drenched with water are probably not family friendly. I curse myself, as I’m wringing the water out of my clothes, for not undergoing the inconvenience of running back and forth ad nauseum between the spigot and the sprinkler to turn the water off/on and tweak settings. But most of all, I curse the sprinkler for not having an on/off onboard switch to begin with. Seems like such a simple, yet ingenious, idea. Why hasn’t anyone come up with it?

No More Public Showers

Well, turns out, somebody actually finally did – Gilmour has once again delivered a smart solution with their Heavy Duty Rectangular Sprinkler. I can now stay dry while getting my space ready for the season. I could stand here with my hands on my hips and admonish them for taking so long to innovate this piece of gardening bliss, but at this point I’m truly just grateful that my days of taking showers at the sprinkler in full view of the neighbors are over. One day a smart aleck neighbor tossed me a bar of soap. You might think this was for washing my mouth out, but the suggestion here was for showers – embarrassing nonetheless. Now, the only soap this gardener needs in her backyard is insecticidal soap!

Taking Back Control

This product is empowering. The water starts and stops when and where I want with the simple turn of a switch. Much easier than going back and forth to the spigot, which hurts my hand to crank. Goodbye, hassles!

The fine tuning of the water movement is also simple, yet very customizable. Simply adjust tabs to control the width of your water band and effortlessly slide levers to adjust the length. Each side of the sprinkler can be set independently from the other giving you even more control. Whether your desired spray area is left, right center or full, Gilmour literally has you covered.

With any gardening tool, a modicum of maintenance and troubleshooting is to be expected. However, if you connect your sprinkler with a durable Flexogen hose, one thing you will NOT have to contend with is twists, kinks or even leaks. This sprinkler is not only heavy duty in function but in its construction. It has a weighted, heavy-duty metal base for stability and durability all season long.

You can get 25% off all products on Gilmour.com now through April 30th 11:59pm CT. Simply enter the promo code “GLMR25“ at checkout.


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