Ways to Brighten a Winter Landscape

By Teo Spengler | January 30, 2018
Image by My Evergreen
by Teo Spengler
January 30, 2018

Blossoms sing their summer songs then fade and die. Leaves blaze into fiery autumn then wilt, brown and fall. Afterward, all that’s left is winter’s long act on an empty stage before a snow-white curtain. But you don’t need to stand there staring sorrowfully at your bleak backyard in winter. Spring may be months away, but there are ways to brighten up that dull landscape. “My Evergreen“ can help you get there with colorful garden ornaments, like bird feeders, garden sculptures and wind spinners.


Feathered Friends

Hummingbird Feeders

A garden without birds is hardly a garden at all. On graceful wing, even the most humble of sparrows is a miracle, and feathered friends are even more welcome in winter, when plant interest is at a low. Winter’s also the time wild birds need most help getting the nutrition they need to hold on until spring. Turning to My Evergreen’s bright and whimsical collection of bird feeders is a win/win choice, good for your garden and good for the birds.

Unique, decorative bird feeders from My Evergreen brighten up your backyard immediately, like the bestselling Hummingbird Metal and Glass Bird Feeder. It’s creatively designed in the shape of a large hummingbird, with bright green face, wings and tail and a metal mesh body that holds the seeds.


Charming Sculptures

Magical Fairy House

Perhaps you have a traditional garden gnome, but don’t let it freeze its toes in winter all alone.  Why not bring in more with a delightful  grouping of whimsical statues in the garden. Popular they me be, gnomes are not the only creatures who belong in your garden. Try to lure in some fairies by bringing in My Evergreen’s set of four wooden fairy homes – a leaf roof cottage, a pinecone house, a toadstool house and an acorn house.

Solar Frog Lantern

You can also harness the power of the sun with a quirky, solar-powered frog lantern. Crafted from glass and metal, this bright and unusual statue lights up a dark garden corner literally and figuratively. A truly cheery addition.


Blow Westwind Blow

Solar Flying Spinner

The winds of winter can blow cold, but you’ll be praying they never stop when you ornament your backyard with wind spinners. They add color and movement to a winter landscape. Take, for example, My Evergreen’s bestselling “solar flying spinner.” It spins all day long in the breeze, turning its wingtips, each a glass butterfly, around a central glass flower. Once night arrives, revel in its solar illumination and the ambience it creates.

-placead-Like all of My Evergreen’s spinners, the solar flying spinner is made of quality materials. It is painted with weather-resistant colors and finish to prevent fading.

As you can see, there are many ways to brighten up a winter landscape as you patiently wait for spring’s arrival.

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