Top 8 Reasons to Add Indoor Plants to Your Home

By Wahab Ullah | October 13, 2017
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by Wahab Ullah
October 13, 2017

Indoor plants are a regular feature of most houses. Whether you live in a small apartment or a sprawling mansion, there’s always enough room for some nice indoor plants. But busy lifestyles and less time to devote to tending to home maintenance means that more people are neglecting this essential aspect of keeping a clean and healthy house. Indoor plants serve many important uses in your home besides looking pretty. Here are some of them:


1. Oxygen factories

Plants naturally take in carbon dioxide for photosynthesis and give off oxygen. By keeping indoor plants in your home, you actually get little oxygen factories that can manufacture fresh air for you to breathe. With all the pollution outside, having a good source of clean oxygen is a great gift. The high oxygen levels in your house will help you maintain good physical as well as mental health.


2. Dust absorbers

In addition to their role as oxygen producers, indoor plants also help a lot in cleaning the air inside your house. Indoor air carries a lot of dust particles which can be harmful for your health, especially if there are no open spaces in your house. Indoor plants help to reduce dust levels in the air simply by absorbing dust. Their leaves act like mini dust filters due to their ample surface area. So instead of scouring over black Friday appliance deals for expensive air purifiers, try buying some nice indoor plants.


3. Reducing toxins

Unknown to most people, indoor pollution is a reality. Fumes from cooking, chemical cleaning products and paints contain toxic compounds that can be harmful to your wellbeing. Indoor plants are known to be effective at absorbing these harmful compounds and purifying the air. Some of the plants that are popularly used to clear toxins from the air include the peace lily, rubber plant, ivy and the Chinese evergreen. They can be ordered conveniently from gardening websites.


4. Room coolers

Indoor plants are also known to keep the interiors of your house cool during the hot months. They consume warm air to perform their natural functions which brings down the temperature in their surroundings. In fact, a good number of indoor plants can even reduce your air conditioning bills. Aloe vera, rubber plant, areca palms, ficus and the snake plant are good at keeping the environment cool.


5. Moisture producers

Indoor plants help to maintain moisture levels in the house. Through a natural process called transpiration, plants absorb water from the soil which then evaporates from their leaves into the air. This adds moisture to the air which is essential for our health. During winters when humidity levels fall drastically, indoor plants help to provide the necessary amount of moisture in the air.


6. Natural products

Indoor plants can be very useful in addition to being beautiful. In fact, your indoor plants can be your very own beauty salon. For example, the aloe vera plant produces a gel within its stems which you can use as a moisturizer and spot remover. Similarly, the petals of the calendula flower are effective at curing acne and sunburns as well as reducing inflammation of the tissues.


7. Ornamentation

Of course, this one goes without saying. Indoor plants make any room look more cheerful and welcoming. By spending some more money, you can even get exotic plants to add a touch of class to your home. Flowering plants such as rose and orchid plants grow well indoors. Palms and ferns are also excellent choices due to their beauty. Trailers also grow fast and can cover up entire walls.


8. Stress

Lastly, having indoor plants in your house can have immense therapeutic effects. Researchers believe that the colour green has a relaxing effect on the mind. Caring for plants is also a healthy hobby and has known to reduce stress levels. There are studies that show a link between gardening and reduced chances of anxiety and depression.

Moreover, being close to nature automatically makes one feel relaxed and at ease. Indoor plants can not only make your home look beautiful; they can also turn your home into a sanctuary of peace and relaxation. You’ll feel so relaxed returning to a home and be welcomed by healthy plants. Thanks to nurseries and online stores, you can shop for almost any kind of indoor plant within your budget. So don’t waste any more time and add some class to your home with some excellent indoor plants.


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